1.1. Characteristics of Kuwait Crude Oil

2.1. Federal Ambient Air Quality Standards

2.2. ATSDR Minimal Risk Levels for Hazardous Substances

2.3. NIOSH, OSHA, and ACGIH Occupational Limits for the Pollutants of Interest

2.4. NO and NO2 Concentrations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 1987

2.5. Mean Concentrations of Major Gases and Particulates from Different Types of Smoke Plumes from the Kuwait Oil Fires

2.6. Levels of PAHs Measured in Bahrain and Other Sites

2.7. List of the Pollutants Monitored by USAEHA

2.8. Mean Concentrations of Air Pollutants of Concern in May-December 1991

2.9. Summary of Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

2.10. Comparison of 1991 and 1993 Mean Contaminant Concentrations

2.11 Maximum, or 95th Percentile, Concentrations of Air Pollutants of Concern

3.1. Benzene Concentrations in Outdoor Air

3.2. Daily Median Air Benzene Concentrations

3.3. Benzene Concentrations in Air at Different Sites

3.4. Health Effects of Toluene Exposure in Humans

3.5. Concentration of Elements Associated with PM in the Ambient Air

3.6. VOC Concentrations in Blood in U.S. Personnel

3.7. Frequency Distribution of Diagnoses